Fall 2000 Vol. IV No. 1
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FoD's Günter Blobel Gives Nobel Prize Money to Frauenkirche and other Dresden Projects: Awards Total nearly $1 million.
Capping a week in which he was 
celebrated as one of the region's most 
accomplished native sons, Prof. Günter 
Blobel presented his check of $900,000 
to the board of the Frauenkirche.  The 
donation to the reconstruction effort is 
the largest single gift to date, and brings 
Blobel's personal support of the project 
to over $1 million.

The presentation, made on June 22, 
1000, represented the l ion's share of 
Prof. Blobel's 1999 Nobel Prize money.  
Also benefiting from his largesse are the 
Dresden Synagogue, which received 
$50,000, the Neustadter Rathaus and the 
Historic Neumarkt Society.  
Representing FoD were Directors Laura 
Maioglio, Steven C. Rockefeller, Jr., and 
Betsy Hills Bush and Honorary Director 
Henry H. Arnhold.

The event, complete with music by a 
brass quartet let by Prof. Ludwig 
Guettler, took place in the Frauenkirche 
sanctuary, the first time this space had 
been used for a public purpose, and the 
first time music had been performed 
there.  Previous ceremonies have been 
held in the undercroft or crypt, finished 
four years ago.  Although surrounded by 
scaffolding, the ceiling and rim of the 
opening to the dome was visible.  
Completion is expected in 2004.

Earlier in the week Prof. Blobel was 
made an Honorary Senator of Dresden's 
Technical University.  He also attended 
the laying of the foundation stone of the 
city's new Synagogue.  Another 


Nobel Blobel: Prof. Blobel arrives at the Frauenkirche with (from center left) FoD Director Steven C. Rockefeller, Jr., Construction Director Eberhard Burger, and FoD Director Bets Hills Bush. Photo: M. Lauffer
important project, the rebuilding of the 
Neumarkt, the streets in the 
Frauenkirche's immediate vicinity, 
gained momentum as Prof. Blobel urged 
those present to carry out the historical 
reconstruction, so that the Frauenkirche 
will be seen in its historical 
surroundings.  Soon afterward, the city 
council voted to uphold this plan.

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