Our kittens find good homes, and we all find good friends.

Birthday time for Basil who turned TEN and is celebrating with brother, Foo. (Momcat Ari wasn't obliging for the picture this time....) And Chocolate Point Dudley is a venerable SIXTEEN but looks ten years younger with his little brothers obi and Sam to keep him frisky.


Obi and Sam are dressed for the season, and still whispering to each other -- maybe their wish list for Santa? Our cats have certainly been nice this year -- only a little bit naughty but we always forgive them and laugh it off.

Author Kara Bartley with Obi and Sam

Obi is extremely honored to be featured on the cover of Kara Bartley's new novel, The Siamese Mummy. During a book tour in Cold Spring, NY the author met with Obi, his brother, Sam and their mother, Ari who came to the book signing at Merritt Books recently. Visitors to the book store that day got the added treat of having Siamese cats roaming the shop!

Kara and Obi look like they know each other well
Kara and Obi look like they know each other well.

Obi and Sam's mother, Pat with Kara.

Obi and Sam's mother, Pat with her boys and Kara and the boys.

It's Chocolate Point Dudley's turn to wear the "birthday hat" as he celebrates his 15th with Seal Point Sam after they take a walk and find something VERY interesting in the ivy.

Dudley shares a secret (or maybe it is a kiss...) with his "brother," Prancer. Meanwhile Midnight peeks from the shade at Harley.

 Arabella, a dear and beautiful cat forever

Arabella, the blue point beauty, celebrates her 17th birthday! You go, girl! Longevity becomes you. A dear and beautiful cat forever.

Beautiful Arabella is inspecting a crocus while helping her human mom to garden. Meanwhile, Scratchnose (A.K.A. Camo-Cat) appears to be in camouflage under the rhododendron. Even the cats are ready for spring, at last!

Handsome Dudley, the Chocolate Point Siamese, just celebrated his 14th birthday. For the occasion, he couldn't wait to get outside to dig in the snow in search of something "green" to eat. Maybe his choice in food is what keeps him so healthy and young at heart. They don't say Siamese are smart for nothing!

Midnight is hiding in the shade from her "brother" Sam, who seems to want a word with her, or maybe just to join her under the garden bench. As a big and beautiful feline, she held court with her family. Who said Fu Manchu has to be male -- just look at Midnight's whiskers!

It is the season to celebrate lots of birthdays! Hana and Maui just turned four, and like the view from their window.

Sam and Obi invited the whole neighborhood to their 6th birthday celebration. Their feline friendds were probably glad not to have to wear the birthday hats... but the boys were troopers.

Obi asks Sam what is with the funny hat, and Sam tells Obi to speak for himself, before trying to rid himself of the honor.

Our boys are so good that they even choose grass over birthday cake.

Uncle Dudley joins the boys for their party.

I know it has been a cool summer in New York and these cats like heat, but a comforter in August? Looks like Sam may let Obi share his hiding place after all. Their buddy, Scratch Nose looks very happy rolled up in an afghan.

Blue Point Arabella recently celebated her Sweet 16 birthday! What a venerable beauty she is. Handsome brothers Sam and Obi (pictured) turn 6 next month.

Bella and Duncan share a cuddle and a loving home (although Duncan is making his escape.)

Sam and Obi celebrated their 5th birthday in style.

The hats stayed on long enough for a photo op, and then it was back to normal. "Mommy, do I have to...?"

Obi has a new collar, which suits our handsome, rakish male. His brother, Sam, demonstrates the length for which Siamese are known. The 90+ degree day could be his inspiration for this stretch. These boys shared their home with adorable Riley, shown below.

Dear Shirley, who was adopted sister to Riley, as well as Sam and Obi, looks like she is emerging from the shadow on the driveway. The only cat to scratch her back leg while standing...

Ari and Foo
The latest picture of Mom Ari and her boy, Foo. They look like one very content, two-headed, three-eyed cat.
Gorgeous brothers

Dudley, Sam and Obi relax
These boys certainly know how to live the good life. They remind us how it could be, if only we were Siamese cats....well, maybe in the next lifetime.
And speaking of nine lives, what do you think about these "alley cats?"

Ari and Foo snuggling

Basil's turn
Mom Ari, reunited with her son, Foo, enjoys "layering" on the new snuggle bed. When the meezers leave, Basil finally gets to try out the new bed.
Big brother Cedric with baby Arthur

Nap time
Four year old Cedric has a new baby "brother" to share everything with. These two boys are inseparable buddies, making their mom a happy lady.
Ari playing Queen of the Mountain with Foo   Ari getting ready to pounce on Foo   Ari in her new papoose
Ari has recently been reunited with her son, Foo (AKA Mr. Mischief). Our beloved retired queen has found a wonderful home with one of her grown kittens! He may have to reform now that momcat is around. As if...
Brotherly  love  Obi in a reflective mood
Panther-like Sam takes a stroll
It's a fourth birthday for Sam and Obi, and they haven't slowed down a bit.
Hana and Maui
It's a second birthday for Hana and Maui, two beautiful, adored family pets.
Brother and sister
Bali posing  Mykos mugging
Bali and Mykos, another sibling pair, have distinct personalities, and fun is the name of their game.
Mr. Mischief is back! Foo never ceases to amaze with his antics. This is the same guy who leaps onto bookcases after some irresistable object. His companion, Basil, is less than amused.

Sam is in a rush after something!
Handsome Sam looks tuckered out after his mad dash around the yard, while Obi has found a giant toad to befriend. A certain feline seeks some shade from the sun (or is he just seeking even more heat?)

Siamese have a natural, insatiable curiosity about everything. In spring, their sense of smell seems to work overtime with blossoms galore. No wonder we think of them as dogs in cat packages!
This looks like a perfect valentine combo of Siamese. The baby in the picture, Herakles, is looking "nosy" in the "in your face" way our Siamese cats have. You all know it...
Gentle Bella meeting and greeting her friend, Olive. Siamese like playmates of all varieties.

Little Newton gnaws on his buddy's thumb. Ain't love grand?
Two cats play T.Rex with each other while one plays it cool and is on the lookout.

Handsome Cedric with two of his friends.

A seasonal "King of the Mountain"
Why we love Siamese cats.
Obi, gliding stealthily through a field of pachysandra.
Arabella, a Blue Point beauty.

Siamese cats just know how to pose, always on top of something. And, oh, how they talk!
Siamese owners know to be prepared for anything....
Helping, hiding, planting, curious as can be.... and into everything!

Baby BellaTeenage Bella
Another beautiful "Bella", a Seal Point, born 9-15-00 to Ari and Ranger. This smarty cat likes to shop until she drops -- into her bed.
Bagged BellaBella resting

Seal Point "Yen" joined her Chocolate Point and Blue Point adopted siblings when she was a tiny kitten. They are obviously very contented together, creating a happy feline family, referred to as "The Herd" by their human companions.

Brothers Sam and Obi ready for their spring walk (or is it stalk?)
Speaking of "stalk"...he's got his bead on something.

Foo, (aka "Mr. Mischief") is a real high jumper. It helps to practice this so he can leap onto the shelves and explore.
Foo enjoys playing with his brother. It looks like a stand-off.
This is a rare moment of sharing the heated cushion under the throw. Not exactly like the brothers shown below...in a rare quiet moment of their own. Maybe they are just sharing body heat, but it looks like love.

Sister and brother, Bali and Mykos at twenty weeks old on the left and 11 months on the right.
Bali tolerates Mykos' rude behavior. She must be used to it by now.

Our neutered male "Uncle Leo" enjoys dressing up for the holidays. He is like a Siamese teddy bear.
Extraordinarily handsome boys in an uncharacteristically poised moment. Their owner has been waiting almost two years for this photo op, and her boys obliged (at last.) The ultimate in cats according to their owners, Siamese are the equivalent of dogs and kids in their obedience.
Two brothers create poetry in motion. Elegance, affection and intelligence all wrapped up in a Siamese package. It looks like these boys are trying to tie a bow on the package!
These "Siamese Twins" -- or is it Yin and Yang? -- are really Sam and Obi.
They aren't always so curled up. Sometimes they go their separate ways.
But the good life is never far away for these feline brothers. Obi lazes while Sam explores.

What a pleasant place to have a staring contest...it looks like one cat is escaping up above!
Sam looks haunted. I wonder what he sees...
Does he or doesn't he know where brother Obi is hiding? It looks like Sam made a feline sandwich out of Obi. Sam decided just where he wanted to sit...on his brother's head. Very nonchalant in his sibling rivalry, isn't he?

Mykos and Bali (born 1/7/00) are 14 weeks old and holding still for just a moment.
Foo Man Chew (born 6/19/99) has attracted his "big brother" Basil's attention. We know it doesn't take much to start a game!
Basil wants whatever Foo has found. Siblings, even adoptive ones like Foo and Basil, are always the same...
It looks like a chase is underway! Basil is going to stay in shape keeping up with that kitten, Foo.

These three handsome males are litter mates: Sam, Obi and Cedric (born 9/23/98.)
Sam and Obi were always inseparable companions. They found a home together.When they lived with us, they used to tell secrets to each other.
The boys had a little sister, and a bigger human playmate too.
Cedric at nine months seems to hear himself crying at three months old! Can't you just hear that Siamese sound?
Here are Ari and Elizabeth, Cedric, Sam, and Obi.Do females of all species like to shop?
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